What is Inclusion Through Media?

Inclusion Through Media (ITM) is the name of the Equal funded partnership led by Hi8us Projects Limited. We have produced innovative, creative film, video and digital media work made by talented young people from a wide range of backgrounds, who have not necessarily achieved their potential through mainstream education and training. Uniquely, our participants were able to work side-by-side with experienced professionals, resulting in high quality, diverse stories, created by those best placed to tell them.

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Key ambition ITM

ITM’s key ambition was to demonstrate that participatory media work with excluded and disadvantaged people actively helps to combat social exclusion by giving them a chance to make their voices heard, whilst enabling some of our most creative young people to access the industry through ‘non-traditional’ routes, enriching the talent pool of the UK’s world-class audio-visual industry. We wanted to showcase this evidence to convince policy-makers and employers that our model works, and that the social and economic benefits go hand-in-hand.

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Key objectives ITM

  • Reaching employers to influence and change employment practices within the industry, to enable talented, non-traditional learners from diverse backgrounds to access employment opportunities;
  • Through long-term, new evaluation methods, identifying key values and measures from engagement with participatory media work by disadvantaged groups, that can influence policy makers and funders; 
  • Influencing and informing employment and learning policy.

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Phases ITM Programme

The total ITM programme run from September 2004 until the end of December 2007.
The total budget for ITM exceeded £6.5m. 
The ITM Programme was divided in three phases: Action 1, Action 2 and Action 3.

Action 1: September 2004 until June 2005.
ITM was approved on 9th September 2004.  Since then, time was spent to plan and develop a full programme of work, both in the UK and in Europe, and to strengthen the partnership. This phase of the programme known as ‘Action 1’, which completed on 30th June 2005. 

Action 2: July 2005 until October 2007
In Action 2 the ITM partners delivered their programme of production-based work individually and together, sharing their results as the projects progress over a two-year period.  Action 2 finished the end of October  2007.

Action 3: September 2005 until December 2007
Action 3 run from September 2005 through to the end of 2007. This phase is designed to bridge the gap between the Action Research (production) activity undertaken in Action 2 and the real world of policy. Activity in Action 3 is divided between two strands of mainstreaming:
  • Horizontal – influencing peer groups of fellow professionals or practitioners
  • Vertical – intended to influence the actions of regional, international policy makers and funders

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ITM was part of a community programme called Equal - a European Social Fund initiative which tests and promotes new means of combating all forms of discrimination and inequality in the labour market. The GB Equal Support Unit is managed by ECOTEC.

Equal provided up to 50% of the finance towards the ITM programme and other funders are drawn from the public and private sector.

For more information, please visit: www.equal.ecotec.co.uk

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ITM was a national partnership, and was also part of ‘DigiTales’, a transnational partnership involving a range of European partners who share a common goal: to increase diversity in the media to bring about high quality output that improves and better represents Europe’s increasingly diverse population.

Hi8us Projects Limited is the lead partner of the Inclusion Through Media Development Partnership.

The Development Partnership consisted of more than 25 UK partners and six European, Transnational partners.

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The ITM partnership consisted of many projects, which primarily took place in the London, Birmingham and Leeds area.

Our transnational partners were working on projects in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Slovakia.

For more info on our projects, please go to ITM Projects.

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Picture showing a producer filming

Picture of girls using edrama

Picture ‘Main viewing‘ (Project Ten4)

Still from the ‘Be Roma or Die Tryin’ film

Still from the Bomb Squad clip (Project Beatz!Camera!Action!)

Picture showing people filming for project Deaf Media Resource

Still from ‘Waiting for the Bulldozers’ film (Project ITM Leeds)

Image of Katy’s room (Project L8r)